Why are we are deteriorating physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Over the last one hundred years, daily life in our society has become much less physically demanding. Powerful scientific innovations since the Industrial Revolution have given us the luxury of an existence that requires, on the whole, very little physical exertion.

But along with that decrease in daily physical demands has come a sacrifice: we have largely sacrificed our ability to move.

Many of us, particularly those belonging to the Baby Boom generation, have worked long and hard in mostly sedentary office careers to enjoy the benefits of leisure or early retirement. Unfortunately, our declining physical state has become an obstacle to that enjoyment.

The human body was designed and engineered to move. For most of our existence, humans have hunted, gathered, and survived using the mind and body, and emotions in a kind of balance called homeostasis.

Drawing on my diverse education and 10-years of experience in the mainstream fitness industry, I have developed a system that will return you to homeostasis through optimum flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

The mainstream fitness industry is successful largely because for the paying customers it simply doesn’t work. Most people who join gyms do not attain their goals and frequently quit their programs, only to start again and stop again, ultimately spending a lot of money for minimal, temporary results.

In contrast to all that, my foremost aim is to create inspiring relationships with clients using tailored programs that bring about foundational and sustainable lifestyle change. My philosophy is one of improved flexibility, movement, and alignment, not temporary weight loss.

Contact me today and let’s get you moving again!

— Fedele Tremmaglia, Owner and Therapist