Fedele’s unique method to people moving again

Over many years of work in the conventional fitness and recovery industry, Fedele Tremmaglia became, well, kind of fed up.

First, he saw first-hand how most of the therapies and techniques available to people with chronic pain and mobility challenges simply did not work over the long term. Conventional approaches might show initial results but are too targetted, too one-dimensional and not designed to enable self-treatment well into the future.

Second, Fedele learned how those in need of rehabilitation are very much limited to the therapeutic resources available in their general vicinity. In today’s world, few of us have the time or resources to travel long distances to work with preferred therapists. As a result, we settle for what’s available and often discontinue treatment and suffer the consequences.

In response to these two observed limitations, Fedele created a Restorative Therapy model that empowers individuals to clear virtually any hurdle. Using integrated techniques and personalized programs for clients located anywhere in the world, Fedele offers a much more sustainable return to healthy mobility through a balance of physical, mental and emotional transformation.

The 5-Phase Model: It’s personal and it’s empowering

Rooted in a multi-disciplinary and holistic blend of treatments that reaches far beyond conventional therapies, Fedele Tremmaglia’s Restorative Therapy uses a 5-phase model tailored to individual unique needs. It begins with intensive in-person treatments with Fedele himself and continues indefinitely with guided self-treatment for people living anywhere in the world.

Phase 1

Restorative Therapy begins with an in-person introduction to self-treatment and rehabilitation exercises with Fedele in his professionally equipped studio located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This phase will include 30-minute or 60-minute treatments (daily or twice daily) to restore tissue and improve strength and flexibility. There could be as many as 10 sessions per week over a few weeks, depending on individual circumstances and need.

Phase 2

With a baseline of progress established, in-person treatments in Fedele’s Ottawa studio continue but become less frequent during phase 2. Individuals begin to adopt more self-care independence with the aid of Fedele’s expert oversight and encouragement.

Phase 3

During this guided transition to autonomous self-treatments and exercise, Fedele works closely with each individual to map out a shared, long-term, and sustainable journey to prolonged recovery. Fedele will encourage an approach whereby rehabilitation is seen realistically — i.e., as a challenge to be managed over a lifetime, not treated briefly and forgotten.

Phase 4

Continuing in Ottawa or remotely from anywhere in the world, Fedele guides and encourages individuals as they fully embrace self-treatment and exercise. The goal here is sustained mobility and renewal, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fedele engages with individuals as required through the most appropriate channels (email, telephone, video conference, etc.), helping to keep self-treatment routines on track and effective.

Phase 5

The final phase may last for years or even indefinitely, as Fedele and the self-treating individual continue a supportive relationship in person or remotely with monthly check-ins. For remote clients, Fedele may also identify a local therapy practitioner to work with going forward — all the while maintaining personal contact to help ensure success as the rehabilitation journey continues.